Why shop with us?

Quality, delivery time and savings

There is a good amount of solid reasons for why you should shop with us. Here you will find out more information about what we offer and what we can do for you as a customer.

Our Strong points & reasons of appeal

The fact of the matter is there is a few reasons you may prefer us over competition online:We cut back on waiting time – While ordering from china saves quite a bit of money, it but comes with a lengthy delivery time frame which often spans from 1 to up to 3 months. On the other hand you could go to your local wal mart and get the item right away, but sadly you end up paying 3-10x the price… So with Mikey Tech we work locally to deliver within 24-48 hours while costing a fraction of the local retail price. With us you get convenience but also REAL savings.

We make no more then 300% profit

We do this to stay competitive but also as a moral statement about our business. Many businesses, especially local corporate retailers are bringing in up to 2000% profit of their customers . Most of this profit does not even go to the employees or the communities they exist in (minus a little event to help with public relations once n awhile). In fact very little of that profit goes back to even the local stores. Simply put, your paying for the corporations upper infrastructure and distribution network.

We can provide you with information and advice

If you have any questions or concerns we are always available on facebook to assist you.

We always have sales & coupons on social media

We will be using several local communities to help give this eCommerce website a jump start. We will give members of these communities word of sales but also coupons which can be used to get better deals. While some companies are making up to 2000% profit on certain products, we have capped out profit limit to 300% which means you pay up to 85% less then if you were to go with local retailers.

We deliver to your door

Delivery to your door within 24-48 hours is the standard time frame we are aiming for. We do not use postal service as it is not really needed because we only work with locals. This allows us to cut back time by over 97-95% (45-90 days vs 1-2 days) while bringing you great savings.

Your supporting a local company

Rather then support a corporation that gives very little back to the community why not try our store and know that your supporting a new business that has potential to even create jobs all the while bringing TRUE savings in comparison to local retailers.

You are helping to decentralize the retail industry

While these larger companies bring some variety in products, it came at a cost,the cost was small businesses that no longer exists as they were driven out of town by prices that they could not match. There was a time when we had variety and good savings, now we are limited to only a handful with little competition to provide incentive to lower prices.

45-90 days vs 1-2 days delivery timeframe

We cut delivery time by up to 97-95% compared to ordering online while bringing you exceptional savings mentioned above.

We work directly with our customers through our facebook page

You can expect a response within 1-3 hours on average. We use this page to continue to work hands on with our customers.

Why not give us a try

Whats the worse that could happen?

If uncertain and you have some questions feel free to reach out to us via facebook  or simply send us an email at [email protected]

This website is hosted on a Linode Virtual Private Server.

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